HARLOO SAFARIS is well known but not limited to excellent quality Nyala trophies. Zululand is their original habitat and we consistently score well with them. We are one of the very few Reserves that offer our own Cape buffalo in South Africa. Few outfits can compete with us in this field if price and quality is a consideration.

Refer to our price list for species. Please inquire about species not listed. Best time is April to September, but we hunt through the year.

If you are a fisherman, the nearby Indian Ocean offers excellent opportunities in 

Billfish or other game fish. Tiger fishing is good from August to April. Florida Bass are found in dams in the vicinity. You’ll be guided by professional skippers who are experts in their field. 

Species Trophy Rates (All prices in USD)

Grey Duiker 290
Impala 300
Impala non Trophy 190*
Steenbuck 450
Common Reedbuck 950
Warthog 450
Warthog non Trophy under 7” 150*
Springbuck 480
Springbuck Kalahari colours on request 750#
Bush Pig (including bait) 480
Common Blesbok 480#
White Blesbok 750#
Mount Reedbuck 750
Wildebeest Blue 800
Wildebeest Blue non trophy under 25” 550
Zebra 900
Wildebeest Black 950#
Red Hartebeest 950#
Bushbuck Cape 1100
Red Duiker 1100
Gemsbuck 1380#
Nyala up to 30” 1980
Nyala from 30” 2900
Kudu from 53” 2900
Waterbuck# 2180
Tsessebe# 2100
Cape Eland 2300#
Giraffe 2300
Crocodile from 9ft, pending age and size 2700
Crocodile from 12ft, pending age and size 7000
Crocodile from 13.5ft, pending age and size 13500
Lechwe# 2990
Sable up to 40” 6700
Sable up to 42"# 7800
Roan up to 27” 6700
Roan from 27”# 7800
Cape Buffalo < 37” 7750
Cape Buffalo < 40” 9900
Cape Buffalo < 43” 12500
Hippo (limited tags available)# 6900


  • Please inquire about other species not listed. We have most available on concession.
  • # hunted on another concession * guide nominates and has final say.
  • Road transfers $130 p/person one way from airport 
  • Indian Ocean fishing, excellent game fish and Bill fishing. Approx. $650 /day / boat.
  • Lake, sunset and fishing excursions on Lake Jozini $185 per trip / boat all in. (seats 4)

African Safaris lasting 10 to 15 hunting days should see you return with a good bag of trophies. A good measure to work on is one trophy per day - depending on what you hunt with. More days means less pressure on us, a more relaxing time in Africa and usually more and better quality trophies.

We cater for rifles, bows and handguns.

We personalize your hunt to suit your age, health and capabilities.